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Fungus Amongus Toffee


Made to go with fatty cheeses – especially washed-rind and double or triple-creams – this is a very creamy toffee made with butter, cane sugar, porcini mushroom powder, and toasted pumpkin seeds, all of which were added to prevent getting stuck in your teeth as well as to alleviate the over-sweetness of normal toffees. Finally, it is topped with 72% South American chocolate.

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Product Description

suggested pairings

  • washed-rind cheeses
  • double or triple-cream cheeses
  • ice cream
  • heavy red wines, cognacs


  • gluten-free

net weight – 6 oz

Additional Information

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 2 x 2 x 6 in


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    I took this home to NM and ever since finishing it I can't stop wanting more. It's absolutely delicious. The mushroom is absolutely perfect. It grounds the sweetness and elevates it to a unique taste. Beautiful combo.

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