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In house garam masala chai (pretty spicy from the ginger) in a Republic del Cacao white chocolate.  The second of the first bars that use white chocolate since we started in 2009.  What's cool about this one is you can stir in a cup of hot water like you would use for tea and make milky chai beverage.


Customer Reviews

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Juanytta Johansen
Cup of chai

When I read the description for the Pebbles Chocolate Bar House garam masala chai, I'll admit I was a bit skeptical. But, I was delighted with the familiar distinctive flavor. It melts in your mouth and can only be described as a wonderful cup of chai in a chocolate bar. This could get addictive.

Deliciously spiced

This is literally my favorite chocolate bar. The owner can look through my order history and see I order batches of these bars every couple weeks. It’s addicting. The chocolate is very much melt in your mouth, and the spice pairs extremely well with it.

Heather B
Smooth chai in a bar

This bar smells amazing and is fairly easy to break into pieces. It melts beautifully in the mouth and has an abundance of milky chai flavor. Especially delicious with hot tea, which spreads the flavor over the whole tongue and helps it linger.

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