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Did Not Know What To Expect

First time out with the salami, but we have always enjoyed Katherine's unique creations. The salami was given along with some other chocolate goodies to our hostess as a thank you gift. Naturally the box did not stay closed for long. It is a great combination of ingredients and just the right bite for a meat product. The flavors were balanced and did I detect a little crunch? Well anyway, it was amazing!

Fruity Chocolatey Yumminess

Love both the fruit and nut barks.
Not too sweet !

Praline Bar
Perfect gift addition

I included this bar in a gift for my mother. She raved about how delicious it was--and praline is her favorite! I'm only sorry I didn't get to enjoy the treat too. I'll have to add it to my best personal order. She gave it a 5 stars, so I'm happy to report the review for others who are considering it!

The nuttiest!

Oh my! I am a nut lover! These
are perfection.
I am thinking of a Nut Subscription!

A little puff of deliciousness

I use the marshmallows in my
coffee. Add a little coconut cream
whipped and what a decadent

Chubby Nuts
Melissa Tamez

Chubby Nuts were amazingly delicious. Definitely going back fir my chocolate fix.

Bam Bam Bar
Michelle Poole
Hands down my favorite candy bar

This matcha bar is a true revelation, masterfully balancing the earthy, vibrant notes of matcha with the smooth, creamy richness of white chocolate. It’s everything I’ve been looking for in matcha chocolate and then some.

Crack in a Box

Love this Chocolate!! Sweet with a little salt!

Awesome place and amazing chocolate!!

Black MMMmole Toffee
Ken Kerrigan

Yummmm. Love this chocolate my favorite so far.

Best Chocolate Granola Ever

I was visiting a friend in Dallas when we stumbled upon Dude, Sweet. My mom is very health conscious...but also loves dark chocolate. When I was given a sample of the Truly Chocolate Granola, I knew she'd LOVE it. I was right - she has since informed me that I should "feel free" to gift this at any occasion in the future. When I went online to buy some for Mother's Day I encountered a couple website issues. Nick was awesome in following up and making sure I could place an order easily. Such a great business with such delicious products!

Praline Bar
Mayra S.
Dude we need more of this chocolate!!

DSC has been a local favorite to our little family for some time now. So many wonderful options made with love and such craft that you can't help but know its made by a true chocolatier!

Incredible chocolates!

We’ve been visiting Dude Sweet for years and it never disappoints. Innovative flavors, consistently true to recipes and knowledgeable staff. My favorite is Hanoi Fudge, a rich dark chocolate with just enough coffee flavor to beautifully satisfy your sweet tooth.

Fabio Vegan Truffle
Ayman Elhajj ahmad
Was amazing

One of the best chocolate I had and everybody loved it

Unbelievably Yummy

We bought two to share with friends and they all loved it.

Crack in a Box
Carrie Murphy
So good!

Stopped by on a girl’s trip and bought a box. MAN!! This was some of the best chocolate I’ve ever had. Will definitely be ordering more.

Black MMMmole Toffee

If you love mole and toffee, this is the perfect treat. It’s not too sweet and satisfying for those late night cravings. With the mole, it’s got a little kick!


My one regret is not ordering more.

The Envy of all Fudge
Ken Kerrigan

The chocolates are so good. Can't wait to go back.

Not my favorite

These were made beautifully but I didn’t care for then very much. I did like the other things I ordered.

Chubby Nuts
Maria R
Delicious! Wished I would have bought more!

Will buy more in my next order

Crack in a Box
Anne M Johnson
Crack in a box

Always great!!!

The absolute best

This is the best soft toffee I have ever tried and I bought enough to last me a few months. Such a delicious treat!