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We LOVED this so much! It was perfect <3

Boy With Apple
Patrick Halliday
Best chocolate ever

Had to buy my partner several Boy With Apple Bars because she absolutely loves them. Best chocolate bar ever according to her.

Amazing combination of flavors

I’ve been getting this for my husband’s special occasions. He absolutely loves it.

Fruity Crack
Kenneth George

Had these before. One of my favorite things with the fruit inside.

The "Artisans"
Kenneth George

Had a great time with the wife tasting and reviewing the flavors of all the different pieces. She loved the art and was quite pleased at my choice of Valentines gifts.


Dark, silky, decadent, surprising…

Fun and festive

My husband loves Wes Anderson, so when I saw that Dude, Sweet was offering this box for Valentine’s Day, it was a no brainer. Mind you, I hadn’t had anything from Dude, Sweet in 12 years, but I remembered their products as being outstanding from a trip to Dallas back in 2012. I’m now making up for lost time by placing orders for friends and family! Everyone’s been thrilled with their chocolates, and the Wes Anderson box was no different. I’ve been especially bedazzled by the chocolate cream puff spread.

Unique and addictive

I reached out to Katherine to have this added to my order of the Wes Anderson box. Of course I was going to share it with my husband, but really, the toffee was for myself—I’m more into the experimental flavors, and this does have a subtle mushroomy taste. Imagine my surprise then when my husband asked if he could polish off the few remaining chunks!


So, so, so delicious! I bought this gorgeous treat for my husband for Valentine’s Day, and it may just be my most favorite goodie I’ve had from Dude, Sweet Chocolate!! May need to go back for one of my own!

Another Barley Field
Renee Roberts
Beyond description

You just have to try some. Dude makes chocolate out of this world.


As always, Dude Sweet delivered excellence!

Cup of chai

When I read the description for the Pebbles Chocolate Bar House garam masala chai, I'll admit I was a bit skeptical. But, I was delighted with the familiar distinctive flavor. It melts in your mouth and can only be described as a wonderful cup of chai in a chocolate bar. This could get addictive.

Old School Heart
Teresa Brusky
Absolute showstopper

Gorgeous, messy, impractical and decadent. Gift this and prepare for ooohs and ahhhhs. Crunchy, sweet, gooey. You'll need two hands to hold it. Two or more people to eat it.

Delicious and arrived intact!

This is my girlfriend's favorite candy bar (she grew up in Fort Worth) so I wanted to order two as a special gift for her. The bars arrived quickly, not at all melted or damaged. Great gift, great bar, great value. They're delicious.

Albatross Fudge
Tiffany R
Buy this!! Just trust me!

Of all the many delights I've tried at Dude, Sweet over the years, this one remains my favorite!! Don't be thrown off if you aren't a fan of blue cheese - I'm not either, but here it provides just the right amount of creamy magic that you didn't know other fudge was missing. No matter how many other treats I pick up during a trip to this shop, Albatross Fudge is ALWAYS in the haul...and I ALWAYS wish I bought one more box! It's the best!

These chocolates are the bomb!!! They make great gifts! I love them😊

Crack in a Box

It really is like crack!

Delicious balanced match white chocolate. Ate it in one sitting and was like “oh its gone”. The little crunchies were a surprise and were also good in there

Hans Gruber Chocolate Potion

Add it to coffees for my partner. Adds more depth than regular choco syrup.

Albatross Fudge

The Albatross Fudge is so smooth and the flavor is just right....deep chocolate flavor without being too sweet.

Bam Bam Bar
Yvanna Lomeli

I love this chocolate! It is so sweet and so delicious! I’m buying more!

All your chocolates are superb 😉😁

Santa's Box of Misfit Chocolates
Great way to sample

I ordered this so we could try several different chocolates. First time to order from Dude, Sweet. I didn't really share with anyone except my husband. (and even him, not so much.)😉 Everything was really delicious. A chocolate lovers delight.

Eight Maids a Milking Fudge
The best!

Melt in your mouth, smooth, delicious, chocolate fudge. I truly enjoyed this

Bam Bam Bar
Vicky J
So Good!

Had no idea what to expect when I bought it for my husband and son who love matcha. Needless to say, we all love it! So much that we gave out the bars as stocking stuffers for Christmas! Just the right amount of sweet and the bread crumbs add a nice touch!