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Albatross Fudge
Dr Dh Cawthon

well. I'd review the Albatross Fudge if I ever got the chance to taste it.....My husband hoards it like it was gold. He tells me it's fabulous and addictive. So, you'll have to take his word for it.

Truffle Shuffle
Kathy Guevara
This was a gift and they loved it

I bought these as a gift for a family friend who had helped out with some handyman stuff around my house. He LOVED them. I've had them before, so I knew they would be a hit. It's great to give these delicious truffles as a unique gift for chocolate lovers. Oh, I failed to mention that he's a chocolate lover.

Amaze balls!!!

As always, the chocolates are amazing! Will be ordering another box for Xmas!
Order was processed and delivered in 2 days! Highly Recommended all of Dudes products bb

The Envy of all Fudge
Sherry Tedder
The Best!!

The Envy of all fudge is fabulous!!

Totally Delicious!!

We visited Dallas for first time recently . My family loves chocolate, but I’m vegan. I went into the shop and was surprised to find these truffles 100% vegan!!!! They are totally totally delicious! Smooth and creamy. Went back to Houston and now I’m ordering more online!

Fruity Crack
Shari Dill
Fruity Crack

The name pretty-much speaks for itself.. beyond amazing. The best chocolate I have ever tasted.

Loved the Truffles!

I really liked the unique balance of rich chocolate and jasmine. It went great with my expresso just down the street at Wild Detectives. Thank you for letting me sample a couple of options before choosing!

Killer Pecans

If you are looking for one more addiction in your life, then throw down a bag of these! If I am within six blocks of Dude Sweet I cannot avoid going there to pick up, at a minimum, one of these bags. Frankly, I will never buy just one again!! Try them and thank me later!

October Halloween Box
Scary Good

What a box of delicious and haunting treats! My kids devoured this in seconds - the skulls were a huge hit. Plus popcorn! Love it.

The Blackest of Bean, Tajin, Halloween Bar
Ann Weaver

This delicious , rich , flavorful bar was literally the category of chocolate I needed. Not too sweet, but a great chocolate taste, with perfect texture.

Truly Chocolate Granola
Gaëlle Arboite
Pretzel chocolaty granola

I enjoyed it so much that I felt guilty not sharing it with my husband. I have to make sure to buy another one just for him.

marvelous mixture

This drinking chocolate is beyond comparison with any "cocoa powder" I've had. It's not a hot chocolate. It's velvety and delicious. I like to mix it with my coffee for a delightful morning.

Bam Bam Bar
Chengchuan Peng
Very good

I like it, it's not too sweet

Makes a great gift

Wow! So yummy


Toga Party Chocolate Bar
S Root
Deserves a party !

ok...I have one bar locked up. I eat one 1" piece once a week. This is SO good! The flavors and the spices hit different spots on my tongue. Definitely a great one. LOVE the heat.....

Truffle Shuffle
Kay Shurtleff
Sublime Truffle Shuffle

We always enjoy the Flower Child Truffles, and the other two were equally as wonderful. They were packaged carefully ri withstand Texas heat, and they arrived in perfect condition! We love Dude Sweet!!

FDA Chocolate Salami
Satyen Jhaveri
Decadent and delicious!!

One of the best chocolates around for sure. They are delicious and decadent, and the best part locally produced with the best quality ingredients. Convenient pickup or shipping options and I have used both methods even though we live in Dallas.

A true story (2 weeks ago), had a bunch of Godiva and liquor chocolates from Belgium sitting around at home, but I ended up driving to Bishop Arts to pick up dude sweet chocolates.

Dr. Harlan B. Melville
Fall Preview ----> Will be a Great Season !

The various truffles were great. Most variations on the
not-too-sweet, different and delicious style of Dude Sweet
Chocolate. Packaging effective even this hot summer.
Most unusual was "Golden Rings" truffles, still chocolately but somehow "light" with notes of the honey that is one of the ingredients. Excellent.

Truffle Shuffle
Marlene Norton
Crack in a Box

We got our order in and how well it was packaged to keep it from melting was AWESOME! Thank You! Our daughter was the one that started us on you fabulous chocolate and now we share it with our friends(closest only), the rest can buy it for themselves. Thank you for living outside the box to make such incredible chocolate.

Fabio Vegan Truffle
Scott Martin
Fabio Vegan Truffle

I purchased two of these rascals (one for me & another for a vegan co-worker). Finding delicious and vegan don't always go together. But it did with these! The standout for me was the smooth and creamy texture, dare I say it was melt in your mouth goodness. The truffles arrived in good condition (not a mass of melted goo), and I live in South Texas! Well done on thoughtful packing and delivery schedule.

More chili please!

I love this, but it's missing ONE thing. Not sure what it is. Something that smooths out that molé.

Chocolate for my friend

She loved it!

Eyetalian-fan favorite
Stephanie Partin
Sublime . . .

These are incredible!! The perfect highlight of fresh lemon and the most amazing mouth feel in the chocolate toffee. I bought one for myself and one for a gift and had to FIGHT myself not to steal the other on more than on occasion! Please keep creating amazing bites :). I will continue to follow your toffee journey . . . . I'm down for whatever you come up with.

Katherine's Birthday Month Favorites Bundle
Grace Blair
Karyl Loved Her Birthday Chocolate Box

Dear Grace and John,

Your yummy gift from Dude, Sweet Chocolate arrived today. Usually, it is brought to my door, but the suspense lasted longer today than usual. When I went to check the mail about 6 PM tonight, there was the box on the floor by the mailboxes!! I carried it to my condo and immediately tried a sample of many of the enclosures. Some were favorites, but many were new to me. I always enjoy the “Chubby Nuts” but there was a new white kind of treasure. It may be a big cookie or piece of cake covered with white frosting which contains small pieces of nuts. Since there are two pieces, I decided to save them until Carmen can come for a visit at the end of August. She’s hoping her roommate, who fell on her patella, and cracked it a month ago, will be independent by the end of August and won’t need Carmen’s help. Lisa, her roommate, has needed to keep her leg straight so can’t bend over for house-keeping activities.

Thank you so much for sending this special treat. I ration my eating of the goodies so that they last me a long time. That’s especially good right now when the heat, which started last week after a very cool and rainy June, won’t cause damage to the goodies. We will have 90+ temps this coming week, but no temps over 100 are predicted. Thank you for the note you sent which I will read again next Friday when I can celebrate being 81. My Mom lived to be 90.5 and my Dad was 88 so I have the possibility of a few more birthdays. By slowly eating the treasures you sent, I have many days to think of you and hope you are doing well.

Love, Karyl