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FIGS, DATES AND ALMONDS. California marzipan studded with dried figs, meedjoul date paste, cocoa nibs, dark chocolate and sea salt mixed together an formed into a log that looks just like salami.  

fully vegan!!

We exclusively use marzipan from Mandelin, owned by Thomas and Kim Vetsch in San Luis Obispo, California. It's a premium blend of 66% blanched California almonds and pure cane sugar

Katherine tasted several other premium suppliers to try to get Salami made any other way, but Dude, Sweet Chocolate Salami deserves the best so we held firm until we could get our share of the beloved Mandelin marzipan.



Customer Reviews

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Kelly Zane
Did Not Know What To Expect

First time out with the salami, but we have always enjoyed Katherine's unique creations. The salami was given along with some other chocolate goodies to our hostess as a thank you gift. Naturally the box did not stay closed for long. It is a great combination of ingredients and just the right bite for a meat product. The flavors were balanced and did I detect a little crunch? Well anyway, it was amazing!


Excellent and unusual chocolate. Like nothing you’ve ever had before. I’m addicted!!

Satyen Jhaveri
Decadent and delicious!!

One of the best chocolates around for sure. They are delicious and decadent, and the best part locally produced with the best quality ingredients. Convenient pickup or shipping options and I have used both methods even though we live in Dallas.

A true story (2 weeks ago), had a bunch of Godiva and liquor chocolates from Belgium sitting around at home, but I ended up driving to Bishop Arts to pick up dude sweet chocolates.


It was offered as an in store sample, and I left with one. Decadent.

I’d buy it again and proudly gift it too. Yum!

Diane Mazur
The best gift ever

A business partner sent this as a holiday gift. I won't lie, everyone in the office thought it was funny, and left it on my desk. I tried it, because I love Figs, and who doesn't love chocolate. This is delicious. Hands down, delicious. Quality ingredients that make you feel good about enjoying a treat.

Spread the word, our chocolates are award winning!

Our famous chocolates are the culmination of incredible culinary experience and vision. We use high end ingredients with unique flavor profiles. Since 2009, we're commited to provide Chocolate For The People.

Did You Know?

The Dude, Sweet team never gets sick of eating their own chocolate.

Dude, Sweet is celebrating 13 years in business in 2022.

Chef Katherine loves to ride her bike.