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Russian style called zefirs, these have cashew, toasted unsweetened coconut and cocoa nibs all in a super crazy fluffy marshmallow base like none other.  By using Steen's cane syrup from Louisiana and cane sugar they are not even close to being too sweet. C3 is for cashew, coconut and cocoa nibs!

2 giant marshmallows per tube


Customer Reviews

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Maria R
Not my favorite

These were made beautifully but I didn’t care for then very much. I did like the other things I ordered.

Maria R
Not my favorite but maybe that’s just me

These were okay. I can tell they are great quality I just didn’t care much for the taste.

Perfection in a confection!

The best pillowy soft, crunchy, nutty bite ever. Too good for s'mores, that's for sure!

Cathy B
Palate Journey

My son started his relationship with marshmallows at family Thanksgiving potlucks: a subversive enticement to the healthy sweet potato lurking beneath.

Years later he discovered an ethnic Russian YouTuber who made cooking relatable to his high-school skill set, so he was delighted when we brought Dude’s Russian zefir-style Cocoa Puff to his attention.

Now returned from study abroad in Singapore he ranks the nutty C3PO as his marshmallow of choice, drizzled with Melaka syrup and accompanied by a cup of Nanyang coffee. :)

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